Frequently asked questions

Can I really do a Will for £19.99?

Yes you can. Please note, there is an additional £7.50 to pay to have it printed, bound and posted.

How much is it for a couples Will?

It is £29.99, plus an additional £9.99 to pay to have it printed, bound and posted.

Is it legally binding?

Yes. We are a regulated Legal Services firm. All of our documents are written by qualified Will writers.

Are you insured?

Yes. Each document we produce is insured up to £5million pounds.

This seems too good to be true. Surely there’s a catch?

No, there is none but please bear in mind, this is for a ‘simple’ Will and will be more than sufficient for most people. In the event that it is not appropriate for you, we will recommend a more complex Will. If you do not want to accept this, we will simply refund your money.

Do I have to nominate you as my Executor?

No. You can nominate anyone you wish.

How long will it take to receive my Will?

Our Terms of Business state 28 days, but typically it is within 2-3 weeks.

Are you regulated?

Yes. Our Terms of Business gives you all information pertaining to this and your rights as a consumer.

Helen Hill - the planning crowd

Helen Hill LL.B (Hons.) FCILEx TEP

Licensed Conveyancer and Probate Practitioner | Commissioner for Oaths | Chartered Legal Executive

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