Doing Nothing Can Cause You and Your Loved Ones Real Problems

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There is only one real guarantee in life and that is the fact that you will pass away at some point. It happens to us all, unfortunately, but that is exactly why we should get our affairs in order before it is too late. Life can pass us by too quickly. One minute you are young and carefree, the next you are in your later years and wondering where the time went. You might be sitting there in your later years or you could be in your early years of life with a partner and children. Wherever you are in life, you need to have a Will because doing nothing can cause all sorts of problems.

Importance of a Will

There is every chance that you have heard about Wills and how they work. If you don't have one, then there is every chance that you have either come across family members who died and left a Will or you know someone who has put one in place.

Whatever it might be, its importance should never be underestimated. A Will is a legal document that can protect your estate and ensure that it is distributed as you wish. It contains all of your last wishes and although your family will find themselves in a terrible situation when you pass away, it will give them some element of comfort knowing that your wishes have been met. If you don't have a Will, it will put your loved ones through all sorts of problems at a time when they could really do without it.

The Implications

Choosing to not write a Will is a big mistake. There is no denying it and there is no easy way to say it but there are some serious implications that could arise if you do not put one in place. Your estate might consist of a significant value or it might consist of very little but whatever it consists of, it is yours and you and your family deserve for it to be distributed as you see fit. Without a Will, it will mean that your estate is distributed in accordance with relevant laws and that could result in your family or friends not getting what they expected or what you wanted them to have. The rules of intestacy could mean that your estate goes to one person in your family as opposed to several or it could even go to the crown, which is a situation known as bono vacantia.

Don’t Leave it all to Fate

Everything that you own and everything that you have worked hard for is yours, so why would you leave your estate to fate? While you have the chance, you should write a Will and ensure that your wishes are clearly identified and put down in writing. Why not pass on your assets and your estate to family members and try to at least give them some element of comfort at a time when they will feel as though the whole world is falling apart around them.


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